• These three-inch TLCA decals are perfect to stick on just about anything. The adhesive is on the back. 3 x 3 decal
  • We took our inspiration from the TEQ logo, famous with classic Toyota fans. Our new TLCA artwork was created in the same style, like it could have been stamped on a vintage oil filler cap in 1958. 5" wide x 4" tall
  • This is a static cling decal meant to be displayed on a window or other glass surface. The back of the decal will cling to clean glass surfaces. Will firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. (see example photo) Sticks like a sticker without the sticky! Free shipping.  
  • This is a front face sticking windshield decal meant to be displayed from the inside window of your Toyota 4x4. The front face will adhere to clean glass surfaces. The TLCA logo displays so it can be seen from the outside of the window. (see example photo) Free shipping.  
  • These three-inch TLCA stickers are perfect to stick on just about anything. The adhesive is on the back. It gives a shout-out to TLCA.org yo. All TLCA memberships include (1) of these stickers - mailed with your first issue or first renewal issue. Members request extras so often we have made them available for purchase here anytime, with or without a membership.
  • TLCA Vehicle Decals Featuring the 40 series, 45 series, 55 series, 60 series, 80 series, 100 series, 200 series, mini-truck, 4Runner, and FJ Cruiser, 70 Series MWB, and 75 Series Troopy Toyota vehicles. 3" Round Stickers. Includes FREE shipping.
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