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Want to submit an article to Toyota Trails? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Just follow these general guidelines and your submission will be considered for publication in the magazine and/or at

Submissions should be exclusive to Toyota Trails. No previous posts on the Internet, with the exception of photos hosted locally at your personal or club web page. Submissions should not have been previously published in English language magazines. We want Toyota Trails content to be fresh and exciting for TLCA members.

Content should be focused on but does not need to exclusively focus on Toyota four-wheel drive vehicles (that is, a Toyota four-wheel drive with a transfer case—not just Land Cruisers).

Editorial submissions need to be in an electronic format, preferably as a Word document. We cannot accept content created on a typewriter. Length of copy is subjective and at the behest of the author. We do reserve the right to edit content for grammar, length and style. Generally speaking, the length of a Toyota Trails article is between 1,000 and 4,000 words.

Editorial submissions can be emailed to or sent to the address below. Photo submissions may be prints, slides, transparencies or (preferably) high-resolution digital files (JPEG, TIF or RAW). Provide an SASE for return of materials, if necessary. Photos in any form can be mailed to:

Toyota Trails
16873 E Lake Pl.
Aurora, CO 80016

Digital photos may be sent via email to but please contact the editor to work out the details before submitting. For large file batches, we have an FTP site where the photos can be uploaded. Generally, we’re looking to receive 15-20 of your best photos, not every photo you took. Again, email the editor or call to discuss in advance.

All submissions to Toyota Trails may be published by TLCA in different media. TLCA holds copyright over some material published in Toyota Trails, on the web and in promotional materials manufactured by the TLCA.

All material published in Toyota Trails is protected by copyright. No material can be used or reproduced without express permission of the Publisher.

The editorial deadlines are as follows.

  • January/February issue, due November 15
  • March/April issue, due January 15
  • May/June issue, due March 15
  • July/August issue, due May 15
  • September/October issue, due July 15
  • November/December issue, due September 15

Never been published before? Don’t be intimidated. We’re here to help you get your story out to your fellow TLCA members. For further information, please contact Stan Wright at or (828) 712-1982. We look forward to publishing your story!

Photo by Timm Becker