How To Renew Your Lapsed TLCA Membership

If your membership has lapsed and you would like to renew and get your old TLCA member number back please follow these steps:

First: try to login to the site at If you are successful you might be able to renew a lapsed subscription. If you can’t login see below “unable to login”.

Next: Go to my account – manage membership. Look to see if there is a renew button or pay renewal button. If this is not available to you it means your subscription has been cancelled. So instead go to this page and select the membership you would like: you complete the purchase your old member number will be associated with your account.

Unable to login? If your membership hasn’t been current since 2015 your information is not loaded into our membership site and you don’t currently have an account. However, we still have access to your old member number. To renew your lapsed membership, go to this page and select the membership you would like: On the checkout page select that you are a returning member. This will prompt us to look up your old number and assign it to you.