Responsibilities of a TLCA Chapter Delegate

The TLCA is comprised of its membership and you as the delegate are the connection between your TLCA Chapter and the elected Board of the TLCA. Your participation at TLCA Board meetings is what allows this communication to take place.

Board meetings (via Zoom) are scheduled by the President and happen monthly with the exception of the summer months, when meetings are held only as needed—most of us are out wheeling anyway. It is expected that the Chapter Delegate participate in as many of the meetings as possible. It is also a good idea for clubs to appoint an alternate who can call in if the Chapter Delegate is unavailable. This ensures as much participation by the membership as possible.

Email reminders are sent out with the call in number and password a couple of days before the meeting. Once you become a Delegate, be sure you are on the email list by contacting the TLCA Website Manager. The business of the TLCA often requires a vote of approval and the Board meetings are how your club participates in that process. Your voice and that of your club does make a difference.

You can also add your opinion or start a new topic through the use of the BODREP’s email list. This allows you to easily communicate with every TLCA delegate and the entire Board. This also allows for some round table discussion of a topic before the meeting, which helps streamline the time spent on the call.

After the meeting, you can report back to your Chapter on what is happening within the TLCA and maybe get some input from your club for the next meeting of the TLCA Board of Directors.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Chapter Delegate, please contact us Member Services.