2016 (1) January/February Toyota Trails


Download the January/February 2016 issue. (PDF)

Cover photo: A line of iconic Land Cruisers make their way over the top of Kingston Peak in Colorado during the Rising Sun 4×4 Club 40’s Only Run. Photo by Treeroot



Table of Contents

  • Trail Leader by Ross Woody
  • Trailhead by Stan Wright
  • Trail Views
  • Chapter Reports
  • Southern Cruiser Crawl by Heather Royston
  • The Gotham Getaway by Tim Kurnos
  • Searching for Ghosts by Perry Loughridge
  • Chapter Directory
  • Sierra Tarahumara Expedition by Ace Brown and Frenchie La Chance
  • Truck Tech by Roger Brown
  • Trail Rigs
  • Event Calendar
  • Business Directory
  • Trails End



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