[LCML] FJ60 interrmittent stalling...

Jeff Zepp jeffzepp at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 6 18:21:14 CST 2012

Russell Gentry wrote:

>On my '68 FJ40, I have a similar problem which is caused by sudden deceleration and perhaps the pitching of the vehicle as I come to a quick stop (not easy with 4 drum brakes and no booster).  The float seems to bind on the shaft, or come into contact with the side of the bowl in these circumstances. It is not consistent, and not directly observable.

Well that's about as likely a culprit as I can think of, and can't be eliminated on observations made thus far. How did you figure that out? Did the float operate freely when the top was pulled from the carb? I have spare carbs I could swap parts with...

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