[LCML] Need Parts list for knuckle service on my 79 Toy 4x4 PU

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Wheel play can be a couple different things. Up & down is worn or loose wheel bearings. Side to side is knuckle bearings or steering components. You can't really tell if a knuckle bearing is bad until you remove the TRE's from the steering arms and move the knuckles back & forth feeling for loosness and/or binding (worn spots in the races), or completely disassembling & inspecting.

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  When you have the wheel off the ground, is there any play in the
  wheel? You could have some worn trunion bearings (the knuckle pivots
  on these) and could produce some camber and tire wear.

  If there is no play, then it could be a bent housing.

  Hope you get it figured out!


  On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 3:20 PM, Landcruiser Specialties
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  > Hey Bill,
  > Sounds like your housing is bent. Nothing else (that I can think of) will
  > cause inner or outer tire wear. If you still need parts for a front axle
  > service, I have everything in stock.
  > Thank you,
  > Tim
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  > Listers,
  > My FJ 40 sits at home in Nashville while I'm in the wilds of Idaho with my
  > 79 Toy 4x4 pickup. The drivers side knuckle needs to be completely serviced,
  > as it is wearing the tire on the outside edge in a major way. About 2000
  > miles ago I put in new inner/outer bearings, seals and if I recall a paper
  > shim or two, then I got it aligned right away. That obviously didn't fix the
  > problem, so now I need to get totally into the knuckle and replace any
  > bearings, shims, wipers, etc on the rear side as well.
  > As I'm in Idaho (Ford/Chevy country) none of the guys around here are of any
  > help or of any definitive information.
  > Can someone on the list please tell me what parts I need to do this job
  > correctly so that I can order them up and then take it on? I need a very
  > complete list of parts necessary.
  > I'm very adept mechanically having built my Cruiser and other vehicles, I
  > just need the info so that when I start the job I have every part including
  > the right size shims and cotter pins, etc. . Once I start taking things
  > apart I won't be able to make runs into town to the NAPA parts store as this
  > is my only vehicle up here and the store is a 17 mile hitchhike away without
  > wheels.
  > I really want to do this job correctly, as once this PU rusts away on me
  > the whole front end is going to be a donor to my 68 LC someday, as I really
  > want the disc brakes someday on the Cruiser and this truck is the exact
  > vintage to be the donee.
  > Thanx, Bill
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