[LCML] Auto Transmission in US-market FJ62 - Filter Change?

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I was told the a440 just has a screen also by Toyota. I see where Oreilly
Autoparts has a Wix filter kit. I recently did the same procedure that jon
just described to the letter. Afterward I got to looking cause I saw Man
Afre had a transfilter kit. I am currently looking further into this. I'll
let you know if I end up with a real filter or another mesh screen style.


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>  Alan,
> The A440F (at least the one on my old 1992 FJ80) doesn't have a filter, per
> se.  It has a wire mesh that is cleanable and reusable.  It's simple to
> remove for cleaning once the fluid is drained from the drain hole and the
> pan is removed.  I back-flushed the screen and the pan with aerosol cans of
> brake cleaner before buttoning her back up and re-filling.
> Cheers,
> Jon
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> Hi All:
> Thanks for the response Tim!
> I am familiar with GM auto trannies that feature a removable pan with the
> filter inside.  How does one access the filter in a Toyota A440F?
> Regards,
> Alan
> Seattle
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